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Group Info

This is a friendly group for all story writers who specialize in stories/short stories about anthro, feral, or hybrid characters. We also allow stories such as about humans, adventure, babyfur, mystery, and Sci-Fi. Folders are labeled in specific areas in our gallery to make it easier to navigate through it. We focus on Common Interests in Story Writing as well as socializing with one another. This is a group not only for anthro story writers but as well as for furry,babyfur, and any other character artwork. So please feel free to watch fav, or even join the group We would love to have anyone who will support us. So.... Story Writers Unite!

Options & Rules:
No "sexual" art containing "sexual" poses, activity or stories please.
We Allow Mature Content with filters.
We allow any type of character pics, stories, or poems
Feel free to ask any questions. Contact :iconshasta-the-wolf88: if you want any help, suggestions, or any feedback on your work.
Submit to your desired folders, if there isn't one, we will make it for you.
(We will even make a personal folder just for you)
If you have any questions or any suggestions please feel free to leave them
in the comments section below and we'll be happy to help you with anything.
You can submit artwork with your stories
Any type of character artwork is appreciated
Feel free to submit any comics
Any Anthro/Furry characters? We love them!
Suggest any desired favorites, we appreciate any pics
Share any stories with the group or group's gallery
And don't forget to have fun!
Founded 2 Years ago
Jul 31, 2015


Group Focus
Stories & Artwork

47 Members
44 Watchers
2,879 Pageviews
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Furry Fists Chronicles-Timber CH 4
After the big fight Timber put himself through, the small Gray Wolf arrived at his apartment with a sigh. After breaking up with Sarah, he had hoped to not come back for awhile, and despite it being close to midnight he imagined he would have been out a few more hours. Luckily, his mentor Spitz eventually got through to the small wolf as he lumbered towards his bathroom. He passed through the living room and by his phone, only to stop when he realized that his phone had messages on the voice mail.
" don't have to answer it," Timber muttered to himself. A few seconds later, he picked up the phone and headed for the bathroom so he could check his voicemail from there. Hopping into the warm bath, he hit play all and laid back. Surprisingly, each message was short, but managed to be as painful as he feared;
“This is Kit, pick up the phone…” “Rob, please pick up. We can talk about...erm, what happened." "I've got nothing better to do today Rob, you'll have to
:iconjfox234:JFox234 4 6
Mature content
New StorylineChoiceReject-WoD:The Savannah Mauler :iconjfox234:JFox234 1 0
Court of Owls-North's Legacy ch 2A
Ch 2A Target Acquired
Gotham had expanded since I was gone, but the shadows...they remained and stronger than ever. Nobody saw me, that was the first test of my skills. I was stronger, faster, and smarter. Whatever brought me back made me more powerful than I could have imagined. My mission was a guaranteed success as I arrive to the Capullo Orphanage, an odd place for my target to reside, but it was private enough. A coat over my suit was more than enough to disguise myself from the sheep.
The town really did look similar, this part of it at least. People minding their own business, trying to get by. Hiding amongst them was almost easier than jumping through rooftops. For all of the protection that was supposedly in Gotham, it was disappointing that all I had to do was to walk behind the building and wait for night to fall.
“Here we go," was the only thing I could bring to tell myself when the coast was clear. Discarding the coat, I observed the building's entrances. The court
:iconjfox234:JFox234 3 0
Court of Owls-North's Legacy ch 1
Prologue- Alive Once More
Introducing Maxamillion North, a talon from the 20’s
Gotham City. It was once mine to protect. I ruled under the Court of Owls, the true masters of this place. As their Talon I was the hand of god, dealing death to any who opposed the Court's will. My time serving was just after the first world war. Crime was rampant, and more well-armed than ever before.
The Talon of the late 1890's fell to a Mauser C96, and my immediate predecessor was quite good but one fateful day he ran into a troublesome ruffian who got his hands on a surplus Thompson sub-machine gun. More advanced than the revolvers he was used to dealing with and faster than a throwing knife...the job was done, but he was to be retired due to injuries.
I was not the first Talon to face down the barrel of a gun, but I was the most prepared at the time. Our style evolved with me; I was faster, quieter, and smarter about dealing with these thugs. My past life as a pickpocket helped much in that rega
:iconjfox234:JFox234 3 1
Out Of Universe Interviews- Red the Guide
Red, the famous guide of Caligula, was led to a small chair where a thin, almost gaunt, lupine warrior was seated across from her. He had a cheery demeanor as he kindly spoke.
Interviewer: “Thank you for agreeing to come mam. It’s an honor.”
Listening to his words, Red took a moment before responding. She was calm as she spoke though one of her ears twitched a bit.
Red: “Thank you for inviting me.”
Interviewer: “I admit, I wasn’t sure you could pencil me in given...well, rumor has it you’ve been busy recently.”
Red: “Busy? Yes, indeed the badlands of Caligula are full of danger, but also much wonder.”
The interviewer smirked, actively enjoying her talk. He eventually remember what he was there to do, leading him to clear his throat and bring up a journal.
Interviewer: “So I’ve heard. Can’t say I have been there personally. In fact, I admit I'm going by word of mouth, so I was wondering if you could star
:iconjfox234:JFox234 5 22
Mature content
Big Mistake :iconjfox234:JFox234 2 0
New Storyline Choice Reject- VWA Pre Show promo
In the center of a darkly lit building was a wrestling ring. Inside was a dark haired woman in a business suit and skirt. The lights came on, showing off a crowd which quickly started to cheer
"Good afternoon audience. I'm Ira O'Brian, I’ve toured wrestling shows all over Japan and if you have no idea who I am or what I’ve done, an hour or two on Youtube might fix that. Though I'm not here to stroke my ego. Oh no, I’m here I'm talking about Wrestling. I’ve been trusted to run a brand new promotion, and it’s guaranteed to be damn exciting. The toughest girls from around the world ready to beat the crap out of each other, for your viewing pleasure. No games, no excuses, no boys allowed. The Vixen Wrestling Association is open for business.”
Ira smirked after staring into the camera before running the ring ropes and abruptly stopping.
"I'm not screwing around here, come next week, this show will be running on all cylinders. The best female
:iconjfox234:JFox234 5 3
Mature content
New Storyline Choice Reject- Reach City's Hound :iconjfox234:JFox234 3 1
Virtua-Dome: Heroes of Myth
The battlefield around Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye was a widespread forest and it was cold. Though it was humid at the same time, and this baffled Hawkeye-the Avenging archer. The forest was vast, like it’d never end as there was no end to the tree line.
“Well, this sucks, how do you lose him Clint?” he muttered aloud before taking a seat on a long tree branch. “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” the archer shouted. His opponent was Black Panther, the king of Wakanda, and he was much more at home hiding in the forest brush below. Despite several tears in the battle suit, Black Panther was still going strong.
Hawkeye looked around at the forest floor for rustling leaves or a bush, to no avail. A few seconds later, a quick movement in the grass caught his attention and an explosive arrow decimated the area a second later.
"Did I get'cha?" Hawkeye shouted. There wasn't an answer, causing Hawkeye to look around his surroundings with a frown. "Guess not."
:iconjfox234:JFox234 4 11
Resistance in The Outlier Ch 1- Knowledge is Power
On the lower core of Coruscaunt was a small nightclub titled 'The Outlier'. Run by Larkin Wulfric, a Bothan street rat-turned businessman, the place was where anyone could get what they needed...provided Larkin thought it'd make the world more interesting.  He was at the VIP table, enjoying a drink when his employee M'uhk, a Gamorrean  bouncer, in front of him stopped a human- well built but nowhere near the size of the security guard.
“Who is it?” Larkin asked. The Gamorrean  spoke in Gammoresse, his native tongue- the only language he could speak. Luckily, Larkin had taken a few weeks to learn the language when he outsourced.
“Let him in. Think I actually know him,” Larkin grunted, turning to see a rather large blonde man, well built, and defined like a proper soldier. This specimen was an old friend of his, Bane Hrogath. Larkin smirked at the memory, they had befriended each other in the slums when he had nothing but him and his half-brother. "
:iconjfox234:JFox234 3 1
Hey guys Shasta here, I have noticed this group is getting a lot of
publicity here on DA, and we have a lot of members now. As founder,
I want to thank each and every one of you new members for joining. Your
support with this group is much appreciated, and please tell
others about it too, we want to have as many members as possible.
Thank you once again each and every one of you deviants! Have an awesome

Shasta ~
More Journal Entries


Hello everyone! This is Shasta founder of this group. If you like stories and artwork, this is a group for you! We have many different types of stories in our gallery plus we're always looking for new members. Know anyone? Don't be hesitant to join or invite a friend. This group focuses on common interests in story writing as well as artwork, if you like both, come join the team of Story Writers Unite, we'd love to have you! Don't forget to watch us if desired. We appreciate anyone who will support us. Sooooo...... Story Writers Unite!

Thank you once again for choosing us and have a great day!

Thank you,

Shasta ~ :heart: Click on this icon :iconshasta-the-wolf88: to navigate to my profile page if you would like any info or have any suggestions, they are appreciated!










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Twiztidpiksi Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Found a fun little writing site for anyone who might be interested
kitanthro Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the invite Shasta!
Shasta-the-Wolf88 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My pleasure! Know anyone else?  Invite them too! Hehe. :D 
kitanthro Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, yeah I told a buddy about it. Okay so I made a new story yesterday and wanted to know if there's anywhere here I can put it?
Shasta-the-Wolf88 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It depends on what genre it is. I have made specific folders for artwork 
and stories of all kinds.  Pick your desired one, is there isn't, I'll
make one especially for you.  :D 
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Nyros-Pants Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Wait, I didn't realize there were different sections it only let me submit to featured.
Shasta-the-Wolf88 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes there are, but try sending your deviations to the Anthro Comics Folder, I think it's called next time you wanna submit one to the group. If it doesn't let you, I'll personally take care of that myself for you. :D 
Nyros-Pants Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, when I clicked on it it only allowed me to send it to featured, I think you have to change the settings so that we can enter them to the other folders. It might work with admins but maybe not with regular users? I don't know ...
Shasta-the-Wolf88 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm still trying to figure that out buddy. But I'll get to it as soon as I can or maybe my other admins can help with me with that. But for now, just submit them to the featured section and I'll fix them later. :D 
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Shasta-the-Wolf88 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Done. :D 
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